Mettre le mot approprié Put the appropriate word in

dans les phrases suivantes: the following sentences:

1) The           is extremely dangerous at certain periods of the day.(soleil)

2) It has been             the entire weekend.  (pluvieux)

3) Millions of tiny                    fell softly around the church as the people entered for midnight mass. (flocons de neige)

4) He was killed by a                  in the middle of the field. (coup de tonnerre)

5) When the                pass through the window, you can see all the dust in the air.  (rayons de soleil)

6) She is so anxious for the                   to be over. Her husband is travelling on the highway tonight. (tempête de neige)

7) Just a couple of minutes ago, the sky was a clear blue. Now it’s completely covered with              .  (nuages)

8) It is extremely dangerous to swim in a pool when there is a                       (tempête d’éclair)