Refund policy

At LangoLive, we continually strive to offer you the best service and products possible. If unfortunately, you are not fully satisfied with your online access to LangoLive or any of our products or services, please follow these guidelines:

1) Contact us at in order to provide us with the details of any issue or problem within 48 hours of encountering the problem.

2) We will then try to resolve the problem within 24 business hours of receiving your email. You will be informed of the proposed solution by email.

3) If after problem resolution, you are still not fully satisfied, you can make a request to be refunded the part of your online access that you found to be unsatisfactory by writing us again at Refunds will be provided within two weeks of the refund request.

Please note that it is essential for students (or their representative) to communicate with us as soon as possible (within 48 hours) when encountering problems. We will not reimburse learning time and/or access time to LangoLive (products or services) that have been accumulated over months or years if we were not made aware of problems right away. We will make every effort to refund students the proportion of learning time or access time missed because of a problem when we are fully informed within 48 hours that a problem was encountered.